Where do I start? I like whiskey, Mariah Carey (yes... still), fruity drinks on the beach and consider myself an over-sharer that probably talks too much about my kids.

oh... you wanted to know about photography? My bad.

First, thank you for considering me to capture your moments and turn them into images that I know you'll love forever. My clients become my friends and I cherish each and every relationship. 

I've loved photography for as long as I can remember but got serious about it in 2010 when I was pregnant with my first. I've taken tons of online courses, mentored with the best, read every book, watched every tutorial and practiced nearly every day for years before starting this business. But in 2013 friends began asking me to take pictures of their kiddos and I knew it was time. Time to put myself out there and show the world what I was capable of. Time to stretch  my creative side and follow my passion. And here I am. Doing this job full time that I absolutely love and am so thankful for every day.

You should know that my style is about simple pictures that capture real smiles and emotions. I use natural light in natural settings (whether outside or in your home) and can often be heard telling toot jokes to get the little ones to smile. I consider my genre to be a mix of documentary, lifestyle with limited posed shots and a little bit of fun sprinkled in. I like up close shots and won't edit out your imperfections as they are part of who you are and belong within the story of your life! I also don't do 1970's prom poses and crazy editing with fake skies and jungle animals in the background. My pictures are real. 

But... you mention ... my kiddos are 'difficult' and 'are terrible with photographers'. Don't worry. I love the challenges that toddlers bring and, quite frankly, they love me!  My goal is to make your experience the least stressful possible and provide you with images you'll love forever. 

 FYI - Most sessions are held outdoors shortly before sunset and newborns are photographed in the comfort of your own home within a couple of weeks after birth. Outfit styling is always complimentary and just know that if you invite me for ice cream or coffee after our session, I'll never decline.

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